Please check in 5 minutes before your lesson.  Make certain you have a sharp pencil, your music, and other supplies

Plan to record your lessons. This will assist you in practice and help you to advance more quickly. Initially, it might be shocking to you but it is valuable to hear your voice as others do and to hear your progress from week to week.  You will also have my instructions to review.

If you need to cancel your lesson, please offer me the courtesy of 24 hours notice at a minimum.  Doing this keeps you in good standing in my studio and allows for a makeup lesson.  You may cancel lessons on the website and reschedule. In the event of bad weather like snow, or torrential rain, you may have your lesson on Zoom.

Tuition for the month is due on the first of the month and can be paid online, or by cash or check at your first lesson of the month. 

A month's notice is required when discontinuing lessons.

An invoice will be sent to you.

Current tuition: $70.00/hour 

                         $55.00/45 min.

                         $40.00/30 min.

There is a charge for a trial lesson based on the above time frames. It is paid by check or cash at the lesson. If you are an online student/parent an invoice will be sent.

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