I worked with Anne for several years and what I loved most about her was her technical expertise. She’ll not only teach you how to sing and the techniques you want to use, but she’ll make sure you’re supporting your voice so that you can do all those vocal acrobatics and have a long career. Anne is fun, easy going and she’ll help you build your repertoire with music that you love and music that fits your voice and personality. She’s great to work with on performance materials, audition stuff and making sure you’re understanding and portraying what you’re singing. It has been a pleasure to work with her and I highly recommend her. Angela Wetzel 

 Anne, you were a fabulous vocal coach to me, and an excellent music instructor to my children. I highly recommend you to all who are looking for a voice coach.  -Susan Elliott Huerta 

I studied singing with Anne Cronvich in  high school years. Anne was not only  thorough in her teaching but also sensitive and definitely inspiring ! I learned and improved with Anne’s lessons . Her encouragement was infectious in inspiring me to practice and enjoy what I was learning.
 -Maria Codas Hamburger 

Anne is a gifted vocalist and an even more talented instructor! She has great insight and intuition, and is very effective at explaining the mechanics of vocal technique in a manner that is easy to implement. Anne has a lovely way of being supportive and encouraging, and of easing the frustration of this perfectionist! The lessons are always so much fun! Barbara S.

Anne is a fantastic instructor! She makes the lessons fun and is excellent at explaining what you need to do to improve. I highly recommend her! Amber D

Anne Cronvich is a wonderful teacher. My voice has never been happier than when warmed up in her studio. Whether you need basic training, help rehearsing a certain piece or stretching your range she’s got you covered. The best part though is her warmth and positivity. She’s a nurturer! Andy C

Anne inspired me to sing songs I didn't think I could handle, but with her helping me seeing and feeling how hard I could hold and push a note my voice felt alive and better than ever before! Keeley B 

I was with Anne for many years. Not only does she have a great ability for teaching technical aspects, but a real gift for bringing forth ones individuality to grow and apply that for a singer to express their core. Ferenc G

Working with Anne Cronvich was a delightful experience! I greatly enjoyed not just learning singing techniques from her, but also learning more about the vocal mechanism. Understanding vocal performance from multiple angles made for productive lessons and really helped me improve (and honestly helped make me aware of my current career path— speech pathology)! Anne is an encouraging teacher who is excellent at building rapport, balancing fun with work, and bringing a true understanding for the craft!  Katy P

When I arrived in Anne's studio, I was a ten-year-old girl who loved to sing but who did not yet understand singing techniques. After eight years of singing lessons, I was a confident and well-trained vocalist, and the reason for that is Anne. Throughout my adult life, I have benefited from the knowledge that Anne gave me: she helped me cultivate my singing voice in such a way that I can sing almost any song I want, and it brings me great pleasure. With her help, I learned how to breathe with my abdomen while singing, and I learned to project in a way that was safe for my voice. Though I am not a professional singer, people who hear me sing often tell me I could become one, and a big reason for those wonderful compliments is that Anne helped me cultivate my natural abilities. If your child is a talented singer, bring him or her to Anne, because she is not only an excellent singing teacher but a deeply kind human, who served as a wonderful maternal role model for me during my pre-teen and teenage years. Anne is warm and funny, and she knows how to develop a strong rapport with children. As you will notice once you hear her speaking voice, she has a lovely rich voice herself, and she is an experienced performer who is generous about sharing her expertise with others. She is both trustworthy and big-hearted. I highly recommend her.  Ilana K.